ACGSC Finalist - Samantha Jackson
Samantha Jackson
ACGSC Finalist - Grace Kafoui Thomas
Grace Kafoui Thomas
ACGSC Finalist - Natasha Mullings
Natasha Mullings
ACGSC Round 1 - Judges
ACGSC Publicist - Avis Gayle
Makeup Artist - Tracey Morrison
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Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Song Competition

The idea to create a Caribbean Gospel original song competition here in Atlanta, had long been envisioned by producer Hugh Campbell. This Gospel song competition focuses on the contestants’ creativity and originality. The process will allow them to gain a wider knowledge in the music business, and learn more about ‘artist development’ through various workshops. Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Song Competition (ACGSC) main purpose is to make a difference in the community we call home and to facilitate growth in the music industry, by providing local and international opportunities for persons who have entered the competition to become winners.

Ms Avis Gayle
Public Relations Coordinator

Ms Avis Gayle, affectionately known by friends and family as “Stephanie”, hails from Clarendon Jamaica. During her formative years, she represented her alma mater Edwin Allen Comprehensive High School in many public speaking competitions, and showcased her flare and talent for dance and theater. In 1996, she was the youngest contestant to enter and win the coveted Ms Edwin Allen Crown. After high school Avis moved on more


Debbie Campbell
Ever since she migrated from the country of Jamaica to the United States of America, Debbie sought to maintain her musical roots. Raised in a musical family, Debbie preserved her musical heritage while pursuing her education and career in........ read more

 Claudelle Clarke

Claudelle Clarke's first public performance came at age six when she was a member of the New Testament Church of God Choir in Yallahs, St Thomas along with her sisters Millicent and Carol. Eight years later, Clarke made her recording debut, a ska duet with more

Nadine Blair

Nadine was born in the parish of Hanover…. in her grandparents’ front room – literally! Her father is Bishop Reverend Dr. Ronald Blair and her mother is Reverend Evon Blair“they are absolutely awesome” she commented. Jamaica’s more